10 Unique Balms That Are Sure to Impress

Looking for that wow factor to up your promotional product game? Try these unique promo balms:

1. Vanilla Latte Lip Balm

Warm, sweet and oh-so cozy.

2. Hand & Body Balm

It's like a lotion in stick! Great for frontline workers.

3. Muscle Rub

Cooling & warming. A great product for health clubs.

4. Orange Dreamsicle

A deliciously perfect combo of sweet orange & creamy vanilla.

5. Paw Balm

Finally a pet-safe private label product! Great for vets and clinics. 

6. Vegan Pomegranate SPF lip balm

Vegan balms are all the rage and with added SPF? A win-win.

7. SPF 30 Facestick

Keep safe with SPF protection. Great for stadiums or outdoor events.

8. Eucalyptus Mint lip balm

A cooling and invigorating combo that's sure to leave lips tingling and soothed.

9. NEW! CBD-infused lip balm

30mg of broad spectrum CBD for the ultimate lip nourishing experience. 

10. Tropical Breeze lip balm

Say hello to paradise! Creamy, coconut-ty and fruity. Zen out!